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What is Codeine Prescribed For?

Codeine is a medication that is used to treat mild to moderately severe pain. You can buy Codeine online to treat the pain that fluctuates from mild to moderately severe. It is an opioid pain medication. An opioid is also known as a narcotic

Side Effects of  Codeine?

To take Codeine, it is important to know that the drug treats pain, cough, and diarrhea.

However, like many other drugs prescribed to treat diseases, there are certain side effects associated with the intake of Codeine that can lead to a person facing several medical problems:-

  • Addison’s disease (adrenal gland problem)
  • Brain problems
  • Problems in breathing or functioning of lungs
  • Depression
  • Dependence on the drug for survival
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Obesity
  • Pancreatitis
  • Kidney or liver disease

All these side effects of the drug can be tackled very easily if you take the drug as per the methods mentioned in the prescription.

Medical Uses for Codeine

As we have already told you that Codeine is a drug mainly prescribed to treat a person’s pain and suppress cough in children or adults.

It is believed that the drug works as a pain reliever because once it travels to the central nervous system (CNS) of the person taking the drug. It converts itself to morphine and binds itself to the opioid receptors.

When this happens, the CNS changes the way the body senses the pain. This helps the person taking the drug to feel the pain but to a lesser extent.

The drug can also be taken to treat gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, because of the way it affects the gastrointestinal system. All these reasons make the drug famous and tell us why people take drugs.

What should a person do if he forgets to take the prescribed dose of Codeine on time?

The drug Codeine is generally in demand because of it prescribed for pain, cough, and diarrhea, as mentioned earlier. However, the long term effects of codeine entirely depend on when or how a person takes the drug.

This means that if a person is able to take the prescribed dose of the drug on time, he’ll be able to get the required effect. But if he forgets to take the dose of a drug on time, withdrawal symptoms might start occurring immediately.

To avoid this situation, the person must take the missed dose whenever he remembers about it. But not when the time for taking the next dose is nearby. Taking the missed and prescribed dose simultaneously may lead to a complex situation and the intensity of the side effects.

It may increase more and more if they occur in the first place. Thus, prevention is better than cure and whosoever is taking the drug must always remember when and how to take the drug without fail.

What is the proper method of intake of Codeine?

People generally buy Codeine Online to treat pain, cough and diarrhea. Since we are talking about the drug Codeine. It is best to talk about the proper method of intake of the drug. This is the best method to prevent the side effects of the drug from occurring.

The best method to take the drug is to take as much as prescribed and not go beyond the prescribed limit. If people continue to take the medication for a long time, they will develop a habit of taking the drug again and again and habits die hard.

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